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Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s. Surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Thatcher.

An independent free house, it prides itself on an award winning ales and ciders, excellent food and not taking itself too seriously.

With music on throughout the week and an ever rotating selection of ales & ciders its always worth a visit. Check out our Kitchen page, and Listings page!


Breaking News

It was an actual snake, reveals LBC
Posted 17 hours 11 minutes ago
RADIO station LBC has apologised for employing an actual snake which had disguised itself as a woman.


Men get their horrible legs out
Posted 17 hours 39 minutes ago
MEN have decided that today is nice enough to be ruined by them exposing their horrible, gnarled, white legs to the world. 


Reading and Leeds line-up identical to Dad’s Driving Playlist line-up
Posted 18 hours 27 minutes ago
THE acts performing at this year’s Reading Festival are the same acts in the same order that appear on Dad’s Driving Playlist, he has confirmed.


Trump understanding as much of G7 summit as a dog would
Posted 19 hours 23 minutes ago
DONALD Trump is sitting uncomprehending through the G7 summit looking up eagerly whenever he hears his own name, aides have confirmed.


Temperature perfect for one minute at 9.19am
Posted 19 hours 49 minutes ago
BRITAIN enjoyed a full minute of optimum sunshine this morning before everyone started moaning about the heat.


May orders Britain to vote exactly as it would have on day she called election
Posted 20 hours 21 minutes ago
THERESA May has ordered the UK electorate to vote in exact accordance with polling numbers on 18th April, the day the election was called.


Woman realises she’s slept with at least four Tories
Posted 1 day 17 hours 40 minutes ago
A WOMAN has been horrified to realise that she has had sex with at least four Conservative voters.


Ask Holly: How can I cheer myself up after such flabby orange ghastliness?
Posted 1 day 18 hours 22 minutes ago
CHRISTIANS must have cheerful faces full of joy, yet my recent house guest has left me with a foul grimace and a heavy heart.


Couple starting to wonder if argument is really about which tinned tomatoes to buy
Posted 1 day 18 hours 59 minutes ago
A COUPLE disagreeing on which tinned tomatoes to buy are both wondering if the real problem lies elsewhere.


People who pretended to like Twin Peaks first time around facing very difficult summer
Posted 1 day 19 hours 14 minutes ago
THE return of Twin Peaks means a challenging summer for those who faked enjoying it first time around.


Who is Morrissey? ask young people
Posted 1 day 19 hours 36 minutes ago
PEOPLE under 25 have demanded to know who this so-called Morrissey is.


Plan to confiscate gran’s house and steal your inheritance strangely unpopular
Posted 1 day 20 hours 7 minutes ago
A SCHEME to force the elderly to sell their homes and take away people's inheritances is oddly unpopular with voters, Tory strategists have noticed.


‘This was a false flag’ says arsehole who thinks everything is a f**king false flag
Posted 1 day 20 hours 22 minutes ago
AN ARSEHOLE has claimed that every terrorist attack of the last 20 years was a 'false flag' perpetrated by the government.


12 things that make Manchester better than pretty much anywhere
Posted 2 days 15 hours 53 minutes ago
1. It, obviously, has the best bands. Sorry Glasgow and wherever else bands come from.  


Pirates of the Caribbean 5 ‘accurately depicts tedium of 18th century sea travel’
Posted 2 days 18 hours 4 minutes ago
THE latest Pirates of the Caribbean film has been praised for recreating the boredom and restlessness of 18th Century sea voyages.


Cuts mean army can do lots of other ‘police stuff’, says May
Posted 2 days 18 hours 25 minutes ago
THERESA May has confirmed the army will increasingly ‘stand in’ for the police while reassuring Britain that it is 'totally fine'.


Vatican ‘like a two-star motel’, Trump tells Pope
Posted 2 days 18 hours 51 minutes ago
DONALD Trump has dismissed the the Vatican as 'low rent' and told the Pope to spend some money on it.


Everyone finally able to admit Roger Moore was best Bond
Posted 2 days 19 hours 1 minute ago
ROGER Moore was the best Bond even if it was never cool to say that, everyone has admitted.


Humanity levels raised to ‘high’
Posted 2 days 20 hours 34 minutes ago
LEVELS of kindness and co-operation across the UK have been raised to their highest point in recent history.


Trump converts to Islam
Posted 4 days 18 hours 22 minutes ago
DONALD Trump has confirmed that he is a now a Muslim.