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Closed Bank Holiday Mondays

Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s. Surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Thatcher.

An independent free house, it prides itself on an award winning ales and ciders, excellent food and not taking itself too seriously.

Recently crowned the home of Bristol's best Sunday Lunch at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2018!

With music on throughout the week and an ever rotating selection of ales & ciders its always worth a visit. Check out our Kitchen and Listings pages!


Want to book a table? Use the widget on this page or contact us by email or social media.



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ARE you wondering if you should be like Madonna when you hit the big 6-0? The answer is probably 'no', so here is a guide to not being an ageing pop megalomaniac in later life.


Cheeky bastards asking for help with renovations want friends to be their slaves
Posted 4 hours 51 minutes ago
A COUPLE asking friends to ‘pitch in’ with their home improvements essentially want their friends to be unpaid slave labour.


Middle aged man vows to one day find out what a carb is
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A 55-YEAR-OLD reading the newspaper over a full cooked breakfast has renewed his commitment to discovering what a carb is.


Inspirational drivel to post on Facebook then do the opposite of
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Woman asks friend for ‘feedback’ on incredibly shit children’s book idea
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Five annoying things about millennials we’ve just made up
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‘I’m happy for you’ actually means ‘No I’m f**king not’
Posted 1 day 3 hours 53 minutes ago
PEOPLE are never telling the truth when they claim to be happy for you, research has confirmed.


Experts on house prices not twats like other experts, UK decides
Posted 1 day 4 hours 38 minutes ago
EXPERTS warning of a fall in house prices should be treated like wise sages while everyone else is ignored, Britain has decided.


Woman sure poor people will love pile of crap she’s taken to charity shop
Posted 1 day 5 hours 32 minutes ago
A WOMAN is convinced her donations to a charity shop are bringing joy to others, despite them just being rubbish she wants out of the house.


Which WhatsApp group is ruining your life?
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WHICH WhatsApp group is taking up all your time and sapping your will to live?


Glamping just like staying in luxury hotel but you also crap in a hole
Posted 1 day 6 hours 44 minutes ago
GLAMPING is exactly like staying at a posh hotel except you have to defecate into a hole in the ground, it has emerged.


Why A-levels are bullshit, by someone with a D and two Es
Posted 1 day 7 hours 16 minutes ago
I BELIEVE now is the time to address the issue of A-levels being stupid bullshit, which has nothing to do with my somewhat underwhelming results of D, E, E and U.


Couple who bought house now interested in ‘the economy’
Posted 2 days 4 hours 32 minutes ago
A COUPLE who bought a house are suddenly interested in 'the economy', their friends have confirmed.


Twats up ante by going to foreign music festival
Posted 2 days 4 hours 52 minutes ago
SMUG twats who live to outdo their friends have upped the ante by attending a music festival in Portugal. 


Kids unable to play without doing weird American accent
Posted 2 days 5 hours 52 minutes ago
CHILDREN adopt annoying American accents when playing and nobody really knows why, it has emerged.


Dressing dog up a cry for help
Posted 2 days 6 hours 59 minutes ago
A WOMAN dressing her dog up in human outfits is not doing too well, she has confirmed.


Company seeking ‘superstar’ settles for deeply mediocre office drone
Posted 2 days 7 hours 18 minutes ago
A COMPANY that wrote a sickeningly over-the-top advert for a boring job has had to rethink its expectations.


Which subliminal mind-control messages will be on Strictly this year?
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AS the new Strictly Come Dancing approaches, which subliminal messages will it contain to keep the population in a state of sheep-like docility? Here they are in full.


Romantic wild swim ends in severe bout of the shits
Posted 3 days 4 hours 47 minutes ago
A COUPLE who thought it would be romantic to swim naked in a tranquil river have ended up with a nasty dose of diarrhoea and some tetanus booster jabs.


Vaper confident that caramel-flavoured nicotine gas could never be detrimental to health
Posted 3 days 5 hours 41 minutes ago
A VAPE user doesn’t believe that inhaling gallons of flavoured nicotine mist might be somehow be unhealthy.