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Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s. Surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Thatcher.

An independent free house, it prides itself on an award winning ales and ciders, excellent food and not taking itself too seriously.

Recently crowned the home of Bristol's best Sunday Lunch at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2018!

With music on throughout the week and an ever rotating selection of ales & ciders its always worth a visit. Check out our Kitchen and Listings pages!


Want to book a table? Use the widget on this page or contact us by email or social media.



Breaking News

Beyonce and Jay-Z release album about when she left the bath running and it ruined the kitchen ceiling
Posted 4 hours 44 minutes ago
BEYONCE and Jay-Z have released a joint album about that time she left the bath running and it overflowed through the kitchen ceiling. 


Man leaving office early to watch football that isn’t on until 7pm
Posted 5 hours 32 minutes ago
A MAN has announced he will be leaving the office at lunchtime to watch the game, even though it begins at 7pm. 


Which Greek god are you? 
Posted 6 hours 21 minutes ago
YOU know which Friends character, zoo animal and type of biscuit you are, but what Greek god are you? You might as well find out.


Kids deliberately hold in piss until least convenient time
Posted 7 hours 16 minutes ago
CHILDREN deliberately hold in all their piss until they are in a restaurant, car or swimming pool, it has been confirmed.


World Cup wallchart abandoned
Posted 7 hours 35 minutes ago
A WORLD Cup wallchart pinned to a bathroom wall has received its final entry just four days into the event.


Woman doing pelvic floor exercises in meeting confident no-one can tell
Posted 8 hours 3 minutes ago
A WOMAN quietly doing her pelvic floor exercises in a business meeting is pretty sure nobody has noticed.


Five perfect picnic spots to trigger the f**k out of your hay fever
Posted 1 day 7 hours 37 minutes ago
SUMMER’S here and what better way to make the most of the glorious outdoors than by  sneezing uncontrollably while you eat overpriced brie out of a bag?


Woman who makes pouty face has no idea she looks like an idiot
Posted 1 day 7 hours 38 minutes ago
A WOMAN who has pulled the same pouty face in every mirror and photograph for the last 14 years has no idea she looks idiotic.


Night out dangerously close to happening
Posted 2 days 6 hours 31 minutes ago
A MAN who accidentally agreed to a night out with friends is terrifyingly close to having to actually go through with it, he has confessed.


Is this a hangover or have you actually died and gone to hell?
Posted 2 days 6 hours 32 minutes ago
YOU drank too much last night. That goes without saying. But was that the sun coming up you remember, or was that radiance the eternal inferno of the underworld? Take our test to find out…


England ‘can win World Cup if you’re pissed enough’
Posted 3 days 3 hours 8 minutes ago
THE England team has a very good chance of winning the World Cup if you have consumed enough alcohol, it has emerged.


Man interested in open relationship can’t even cope with sharing his crisps
Posted 3 days 4 hours ago
A MAN who thinks it would be cool to have a ‘polyamorous’ relationship gets jealous and possessive when asked to share his crisps.


There is no non-wanky way to sign off an email, study finds
Posted 3 days 4 hours 59 minutes ago
THERE is no way to end an email that does not make you sound like a bit of a twat, it has been confirmed.


Universal Credit ‘meant to be shit or people might use it’
Posted 3 days 6 hours 6 minutes ago
THE Universal Credit system was always intended to be non-functional or people might use it to get money to live, the government has explained.


Which dreadful clickbait are you falling for?
Posted 3 days 7 hours 1 minute ago
CLICKBAIT is incredibly hard to resist due to its clever psychological trickery and you being a gullible twat. Here’s our guide so you don’t have to click on it.


Idyllic life on canal boat actually massive pain in the arse
Posted 3 days 7 hours 30 minutes ago
LIVING on a boat appears relaxed but actually involves things like emptying a big box of your own excrement on a regular basis, it has emerged.


Arsehole quotes ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ in every situation
Posted 4 days 3 hours 41 minutes ago
A MAN thinks he looks really wise by referencing the song Won’t Get Fooled Again in any situation involving disappointment.


The mum’s guide to keeping your children informed about tedious shit
Posted 4 days 4 hours 26 minutes ago
IT is a mother’s duty to keep your grown-up children informed about dull things that don’t affect them. But are you passing on enough tedious information? Take our quiz.


UK gearing up for another totally pointless Fathers Day
Posted 4 days 5 hours 24 minutes ago
FATHERS and sons across the UK are preparing for another awkward and superfluous ‘celebration’ of being closely related.


Visiting skincare counter is masochistic fetish, admit women
Posted 4 days 6 hours 12 minutes ago
WOMEN only visit skincare counters because they secretly love being told how shit their skin is, they have confirmed.