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Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s. Surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Thatcher.

An independent free house, it prides itself on an award winning ales and ciders, excellent food and not taking itself too seriously.

Recently crowned the home of Bristol's best Sunday Lunch at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2018!

With music on throughout the week and an ever rotating selection of ales & ciders its always worth a visit. Check out our Kitchen and Listings pages!


Want to book a table? Use the widget on this page or contact us by email or social media.



Breaking News

Bridesmaid pushing bride to be a nightmare so it’ll go viral
Posted 8 hours 53 minutes ago
A BRIDESMAID is subtly pushing her friend to make more and more unreasonable wedding demands so her post about them will go viral.


Working-class people should be proud of their gnomes, says May
Posted 9 hours 18 minutes ago
THE prime minister has said that working-class people should be proud of the amusing garden gnomes they choose to decorate their homes with. 


Fresher getting ready for night out that will wreck her career in 10 years’ time
Posted 9 hours 35 minutes ago
A UNIVERSITY fresher is currently getting ready for the night out that will destroy her career in 10 years' time.


What sort of music prick are you?
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MUSIC is one of humanity’s greatest creations but there still loads of ways to be a real prick about it. Which type of music prick are you?


Isle of Man to be renamed ‘Manorca’ post-Brexit
Posted 11 hours 6 minutes ago
THE ISLE of Man is to be renamed Manorca should Brexit go ahead, it has been confirmed.


Saying something incredibly f**king stupid now ‘starting a debate’
Posted 11 hours 24 minutes ago
MAKING an unbelievably stupid statement just to be annoying is ‘starting a much-needed debate’, idiots have asserted.


Has Brexit already happened? Take our test to find out
Posted 1 day 8 hours 32 minutes ago
IN the confusing modern world it can be hard to tell if Britain has already left the European Union, so why not take our quick test to find out.


House of Fraser unveils new business model of not letting you have stuff when you pay for it
Posted 1 day 8 hours 50 minutes ago
HOUSE of Fraser is to cease the 'economically suicidal' practice of giving customers goods when they pay for them, it has confirmed. 


Woman who went to doctor with cold moaning that NHS is overstretched
Posted 1 day 9 hours 42 minutes ago
A WOMAN who went to see her GP because she had a bit of sniffle was outraged that the waiting room was full of people.


The judgmental bastard’s guide to poverty
Posted 1 day 10 hours 50 minutes ago
WITH new poverty figures just out, do you feel poor people are basically scum who bring it on themselves? Here’s how to be a judgmental bastard about poverty.


Man ejected from easyJet flight for being wrong kind of pissed
Posted 1 day 11 hours 10 minutes ago
A MAN has been ejected from an Easyjet flight for being the wrong kind of pissed, it has been confirmed.


How to have a really pretentious dinner party
Posted 1 day 11 hours 29 minutes ago
DINNER parties are a great way to prove you're better than your friends. But how do you pull it off?


Family eating at table just watching telly from slightly different angle
Posted 2 days 9 hours 3 minutes ago
A FAMILY who decided to dine together at the table for a change now have to crane their necks to watch Emmerdale.


Man who went camping at weekend expects sympathy
Posted 2 days 9 hours 14 minutes ago
A MAN who went on a rain-soaked camping trip at the weekend is telling colleagues as if he deserves sympathy. 


Labour Party unveils 24-foot bronze statue of brave and noble leader Corbyn
Posted 2 days 9 hours 32 minutes ago
THE Labour Party has confirmed the smelting of a 24 foot bronze statue of Jeremy Corbyn in which he will be either handing out bread or banging his left fist into his right hand.


Yoga teacher masters tricky move of pretending to have her life together
Posted 2 days 10 hours 35 minutes ago
A YOGA teacher has finally mastered the challenging move of pretending to have a fully-functioning life outside yoga classes.


London shit
Posted 2 days 10 hours 55 minutes ago
LONDON is shit, it has been confirmed.


Couple ‘moving for better schools’ told ‘f**k off and good riddance’
Posted 2 days 11 hours 51 minutes ago
THE neighbours, friends, and family of a couple who are moving house to be in an area with better schools have been told to fuck off and not come back.


Man in new relationship does all his farts in the park
Posted 3 days 10 hours ago
A MAN in a four-month-old relationship is still breaking wind in the local park.


Are you watching Bodyguard or is there something wrong with you?
Posted 3 days 10 hours ago
EVERYONE is glued to sexy thriller Bodyguard, episode five of which is shown tonight on BBC1, but what about those few malcontents and weirdos who are not watching it?