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Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, The Bank Tavern has stood since the 1800’s. Surviving an alarming number of riots, two world wars, Bristol City Council town planners and Thatcher.

An independent free house, it prides itself on an award winning ales and ciders, excellent food and not taking itself too seriously.

Recently crowned the home of Bristol's best Sunday Lunch at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2018!

With music on throughout the week and an ever rotating selection of ales & ciders its always worth a visit. Check out our Kitchen and Listings pages!


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Breaking News

Grans demand to know what it says on your t-shirt
Posted 15 hours 40 minutes ago
BRITAIN'S grandmothers are squinting and demanding to know what the words on your t-shirt mean.


Barbecue make man strong like bear
Posted 16 hours 31 minutes ago
MAN was weak and girly and work in office where he bullied by woman, but now him strong. Him have meat. Him have barbecue.


Trump bringing bezzie mate Putin to UK
Posted 17 hours 16 minutes ago
PRESIDENT Trump has invited Vladimir Putin to come with him to Britain when he visits next month because he “knew we wouldn’t mind”.


We never had all these iPhones in my day, says man glued to his f**king iPhone
Posted 18 hours 17 minutes ago
A MIDDLE-AGED man has taken time out from glancing constantly at his phone to complain about the younger generation being fixated with theirs.


Five books to pretend to read while thinking about how clever you look holding a book
Posted 19 hours 1 minute ago
READING a book in a cafe, on the Tube or at the wheel of your car makes you look wise and mysterious, even if you’re just posing and not taking in a word.  


Man’s first meditation session instantly derailed by erection
Posted 19 hours 30 minutes ago
A MAN'S first attempt to find a more spiritual way of life was scuppered by the almost instantaneous arrival of an erection.


Man who thought he had World Cup fever actually has malaria
Posted 1 day 17 hours 25 minutes ago
A MAN who diagnosed himself as having 'World Cup fever' has actually got malaria, his doctors have confirmed.


David Dimbleby refusing to ask or answer any questions for rest of life
Posted 1 day 18 hours 22 minutes ago
DAVID Dimbleby has confirmed that he will not be asking or answering any questions for the rest of his life.


Fathers at sports days watching their dreams die
Posted 1 day 19 hours 7 minutes ago
DADS at school sports days across the UK are watching their dreams of raising a wealthy athlete wither and die.


Dog devastated to learn man’s best friend actually someone called Martin
Posted 1 day 19 hours 23 minutes ago
A DOG’S feelings have been crushed after discovering that his owner’s best friend is actually a man named Martin.


44-year-old pretty sure he should still be about 32
Posted 1 day 19 hours 42 minutes ago
A MAN is increasingly convinced that more than 10 years of his life have somehow passed too quickly, he has revealed.


How to pretend you know about football
Posted 1 day 19 hours 53 minutes ago
NOW is the time to pretend you're into football, even though the only player you know is David Beckham.


Middle class parents hire private tutor so they can show off about it
Posted 2 days 16 hours 2 minutes ago
A MIDDLE class family is excited to enter the social strata of people who pay to have their children’s schoolwork done for them.


Come home now, England team told
Posted 2 days 16 hours 24 minutes ago
THE England team have been told to leave the World Cup and return home as heroes before it all turns sour. 


We can get through Brexit if we’re high, says Hague
Posted 2 days 17 hours 1 minute ago
FORMER Tory leader William Hague believes that the UK can get through Brexit fine as long as it remains 'high as shit' throughout.


It is necessary to cage migrant children plus we like it, explains White House
Posted 2 days 17 hours 15 minutes ago
DONALD Trump's team have explained that it is necessary put migrant children in cages and also they like doing it.


Everyone referring to woman with baby as ‘Mum’
Posted 2 days 18 hours 44 minutes ago
A WOMAN who has a baby is being called ‘Mum’ by all medical professionals, family members, friends and strangers.


It’s not about the war, says man supporting any team against Germany
Posted 2 days 19 hours 28 minutes ago
A MAN watching the World Cup says he has no grudge against Germany despite passionately supporting any side playing against them.


Men wearing kilts ‘placing themselves in jeopardy and inviting upskirting’
Posted 2 days 19 hours 56 minutes ago
MEN who insist on dressing provocatively by wearing kilts are basically inviting people to stick cameras up them, it has been claimed.


Beyonce and Jay-Z release album about when she left the bath running and it ruined the kitchen ceiling
Posted 3 days 16 hours 42 minutes ago
BEYONCE and Jay-Z have released a joint album about that time she left the bath running and it overflowed through the kitchen ceiling.