Some Of Your Questions Covered

Now pay attention you may learn something and not need to call or email us!

Can I bring my dog/dogs?

Yes, we love dogs! In fact we prefer them to humans. You’ll find anchor points around your seats to tie their leads off, and we have a stash of bowls for water.  If the person behind the bar fails to offer your canine companion(s) a bowl in the first instance, shout them down and make them apologise personally to your dog(s)!  (Please note that this is not considered a disciplinary matter, but it will be noted on staff records)

Can I bring my child/children?

Only if they’re fun and well behaved!  We’re not sure on the metric for that one, so we’ll get back to you!  You’ll find anchor points around your seats to tie their leads off, and we have a stash of bowls for water.  There is also a baby changing station in the ladies toilet, which baby daddy’s may of course use obvs, but the general rule is they need to be accompanied by a baby!  We have a couple of high chairs.

Also we request that children leave the pub by 9pm as after this time we can’t guarantee someone will not get naked and you don’t want to have to explain to them what they may have seen.


Please note that if  you are dining with us and have reserved a table and bring a child requiring a high chair this does count as one of your party regardless of age.


If you need a highchair and you are booked in for a roast please let us know in advance so we seat you accordingly and get the dust blown off the high chair.

Vegans, Gluten intolerance and other fussy eaters…

We endeavour to accommodate everyone and make them feel welcome, yes even vegans! Whilst items on the menu might only say suitable for vegetarians (V), in most cases we may be able to modify them for vegans. Gluten intolerance may be a bit tricky, but ask the person behind the bar. FYI, the only things you can’t eat on our Sunday lunch is the Yorkshire pudding and the creamed leaks if you have a Gluten intolerance. If you’re still unsure drop us an email, because I’m not gonna lie, if you’re a vegan that is intolerant to onion/onion powder we will struggle.

What time is the kitchen open until?

An obvious one you’d think, as we think it’s clearly displayed throughout the website (12 – 4 Monday to Saturday and 12 – 4 for Sunday Roasts), but we get asked it enough to warrant a mention here.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the pub, and ultimately being a drinkers pub we only offer a lunchtime menu. However from time to time we host Fine Dining evenings and pop-ups, so keep your eye open for information on social media or the website as these can be cracking!

Do I need to book at table for Sunday Lunch?

Please use the online resdiary portal under “Contact Us”.


Some of you may have heard that our Sunday Lunches are fully booked for 2024 and sold out quicker than Glastonbury tickets!  Great for us, but sorry to those of you who will have to wait until next year.

Disabled Access?

The pub is older than Australia, well obviously not, but it was built before we discovered it! As such the pub doesn’t lend itself well to less abled guests. That said the pub is pretty much on one level, baring a single slight step to get in the side door, and another step to access the toilet at the other end of the pub. Unfortunately, the toilet isn’t adapted owing to its size. If we can help in any way to accommodate you, we will! If you’re unsure drop us an email beforehand and we will go through some options.

Do you show sport?

We subscribe to TNT Sports mainly because we like rugby.  If it’s on terrestrial TV or TNT Sports ask behind the bar and we may put it on.  Reasons for not showing it may include but are not limited to, ‘We have music on, it’s sunday lunch, watch the band instead’ ‘Nascar is a bit too niche’ or ‘I don’t know how to use the projector’… And yes, it is best to arrive early to secure your table for any of the Six Nations matches or indeed any significant rugby match that we are showing.

Please go to the events tab to see what sport and fun we have taking place each month at The Bank Tavern

Our music policy…

Till viss utsträckning och under de tystare timmarna så är du välkommen att föreslå musikval. Ifall du är en “local” så har du förmodligen redan märkt av en viss ökning av ABBA-musik. Detta på grund av vår nya svenska bartender, du är mer än välkommen att tortera honom. Detta är lättast gjort genom att föreslå ABBA-låtar, prata om IKEA och påminna honom om att han ser ut som Harry Potter. Vi önskar dig ett trevligt besök i The Bank Tavern.

I’d like to do a gig at your pub?...

First up, if you have an agent, we won’t be able to afford you! The pub is the size of a postage stamp and although we like getting cosy, we’d never get enough people in to make it worth your while.  Second, we are a pub, we don’t charge entry so your fee needs to reflect this please as we’ll only be making over the bar and you’re probably not gonna bring down as many friends as you said you would. If none of that has put you off, drop us an email, we have some equipment in situ (mixer desk, 4/5 mic stands with mics) but always happy to discuss any specific equipment you may need or wish to bring with you.